FREE Systems Course


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Systems Course:

  • Explains benefits of setting up systems in your home.
  • Guides you through various systems to implement.
  • Ideas presented can be individualized to meet your families' needs. 
  • Helps your child/teen learn how to self-govern.
  • Includes FREE template to prompt your child with daily tasks, as well as engaging ideas for each day. 10 options to choose from. Print off & laminate. Use a wet erase marker to check off each daily/weekly item. Use checklists as needed. When your children start to develop a natural, productive flow of the day, they may not need the checklists anymore. 
  • Flexibility is key. As I often say, "It's a plan, NOT a promise." Your children/teens don't have to get all the checks every day, it's just a guide. 
  • Course is less than 30 minutes to learn about realistic systems for your home!

*Before implementing any of the systems presented, be sure to take time to introduce,  teach, and have a discussion with your family.

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