Every family can benefit from this online parenting course! It can bless your life and generations to come.

I do not want anything to stand in the way of a parent who wants to improve parenting skills, and the relationship with their children.

I have created Lead Guide Walk Beside Parenting with Purpose to help you gain tools, techniques, and immediate skills you can implement TODAY!

IF you have the resources, consider buying at full price or waiting until a sale.

You may also consider sponsoring a scholarship for someone else.

I understand that many of us have times when we're in difficult financial situations. Sometimes there is not enough money to meet our family's needs, let alone pay for any extra education-even if it will benefit us. 

For this reason, I am offering this scholarship option.

It is simple.

1. Tell me your story (one page essay).

2. Make me an offer!

3. I will consider your offer and communicate directly with you to determine what can work best for you. 

Start the process of gaining the skills and confidence to be a purposeful parent. 

Things to consider when submitting your offer:

As I have coached parents over the past 16 years, those who paid money for my expertise (put skin in the game), always took it more seriously. 

When I gave it away for free, parents did not fully engage, participate, and therefore did not benefit as much as others. 

This is an investment in your family and your relationships. It is worth it.

Consider what a new outfit or a day trip activity with your family would cost after meals and admissions? 

The money you spend on this course and the information you learn isn't just for the day, it can last for generations. 

Email me your essay and offer today