P.R. Jar

$15.00 USD

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Enhance your home with this esthetically pleasing product that also serves a purpose.

The P.R. Jar is a visual reminder to look for the good and praise it. 

P.R. stands for 3 things:

Praise Rocks

Positive Reinforcement

Personal Reminder

The white rocks represent all that is going well with your child/teen/loved one, and the green rock represents what you'd like to change or what you're giving negative energy to.

The P.R. Jar serves as a visual reminder to give your energy to all the good things about an individual, instead of focusing on things you'd like to change. 

Includes a glass jar with bamboo lid and one green rock.

Shipping costs were too high when filled with the white rocks, so it is encouraged to purchase white rocks separately.

Jar without rocks could be used as Service Jar.

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